"I will be a fighter for everyone in District 118!"

Rhonda was born and raised in Haywood County and has always called it home. She has worked for a regional healthcare provider as a dental hygienist for over 30 years and previously was elected to the local school board, so Rhonda knows the needs of working families in District 118.

As the daughter of a blue-collar mill worker and sister to a U.S. Army special forces veteran, Rhonda is proud of her State and Country and wants what is best for everyone. That's why she's running for the North Carolina House of Representatives.

Rhonda plans to earn every vote in her district because she knows that there isn't just a Democrat or Republican way to govern, but a honest or dishonest way. Rhonda wants to end the practice of bad governance and return trust to Raleigh.

In the State House, Rhonda will:

  • Fight to make sure everyone in Madison, Yancey, and Haywood Counties has access to quality, safe, and affordable healthcare
  • Work to increase wages so all families that put in an honest week's work can get ahead
  • Stand up to special-interests that plague North Carolina politics